Web hosting for creative professionals

Web hosting for creative professionals
If you are a creative professional or someone who is providing service for others and need to start your online portfolio, blog or website; the first thing you need is a domain and hosting.
There are hundreds of hosting providers all over the world with different packages and services.

What do you need to host your website as a creative professional? 

Search engines like Google and Bing update their algorithms almost every month, and your hosting is playing a big part to bring you on top of the search engines.

Site Speed and performance

According to a recent survey from Google, “40% of a website visitors will leave a page that takes longer than 3 seconds to load” which means if your site is slow it is most likely that your website bounce rate will be high and the user experience will be affected, especially for creatives, that they might have lots of images in their portfolio.

Website security

One of the most important factors for both, site owners and customers is website security.
For customers, it is important to make sure the website they are visiting is secure and has clear privacy and terms of use.
Choosing a good and reliable web hosting that has all security factors is very important. In the era of cyber attacks and hacking, it is a no-brainer to take care of the security part before you start building your website.


Another factor to look for into web hosting packages is the flexibility.
Control panel, user interface (UI) usability and service expansions are the keys for a flexible hosting. Some web hosting companies don’t support service expansion which is not a pleasant experience.
Competitive and fair pricing
There are lots of shady web hosting providers around and if you are not a web professional you might get scammed by some of these websites, which claims to be web hosting company or even if that does not happen, you might not get the best web hosting services for the price you are paying and always try to get a Free domain with your new hosting
Help and support
When using any web hosting you might face some technical difficulties and you are going to need some fast and reliable technical support from your web hosting and get the help and support you need.
When signing up for a hosting do not forget to always read the reviews and opinion of others about the web hosting so that in future you do not have to switch to another web hosting and pay more money.