G suite for creatives and freelanceers

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Are you a creative designer or a freelancer who needs a complete productivity tool set for your projects?

What was originally offered to private users has become an increasingly attractive package for businesses. After several name changes (first Google Apps for Business and then Google Apps for your domain) etc.. are now available as G Suite as a package that can be used by any business and as a creative designer, I have been using it since 2006. Google’s G Suite is not limited to Gmail and Google Docs, but a powerful and scalable business app collection. Even at the early stage, G Suite’s cloud focus, extended functions, and popularity have led to a central function: Sharing, viewing and editing simple but powerful content. With a simple link, users can share content to read or edit. G Suite allows users (creative designers or freelancers) to retain, hold, search, and export data including emails, Hangout messages, and files in Google Drive. Mainly as a freelancer working with various customers and partners, you need to be able to guarantee interoperability. G Suite is pretty much unbeatable. The Admin Console is easy to manage. Administrators can use the console to set precisely what individual employees or contractor need to use. Here are some examples of how G Suite protects you and your data as a freelancer (designer): G suite Admin: Provides the administrator with the ability to manage data protection, view reports and even manage mobile devices. G Suite administrators can also prevent employees from enabling “less secure apps.” Privacy: Google does not collect, analyze or use your data in G Suite services for advertising purposes. Encryption (TLS): G Suite provides in-transit e-mail encryption Data retention: G Suite offers the possibility to save, archive, search and to export your data. Transparency: Google continuously provides transparency reports to inform consumers.

Why should you use G suite as a creative designer?

G Suite is a must-have tool set for freelancers, for numerous benefits that it can provide. It offers its users every requirement to manage a project starting with collaboration, productivity and communication tools to email and storage. Users can manage multiple accounts at the same time, and most importantly it is a cloud base platform and highly secure. gmail icon in a laptop The apps provided by G Suite are as follows
  •   Gmail
  •   Docs
  •   Sheets
  •   Forms
  •   App maker
  •   Google Keep
  •   Jamboard
  •   Google Vault
  •   Hangouts
  •   Calendar
Gmail is the most famous email platform available online. With the help of google drive you will have 30GB of cloud storage and with the inter-connectivity of Google products, makes it easy to use with any other Google tools and sync it across devices.This means that you have a quick and simple back up of your important files that you can access via any of your devices. G Suite is a guaranteed excellent set of tools for creators and freelancers to provide them with their desired outcome. G Suite can be a great solution for creative designers and freelancers in various areas of the creative process from email hosting to its all-in-one solution for document collaboration and storage. Overall G Suite is easy to use and affordable to purchase with its range of tools, functions and “no thrills” administration. If you are someone who wants cloud storage, collaboration tools for your customers and an excellent suite of apps it may be worth signing up for a 14-day free trial.