Logo and branding for local gyms and fitness trainers

stop racism - Gym re-branding

Branding for local gyms and fitness trainers

After receiving some calls from different gyms and trainers in Toronto for rebranding their gyms, I got to know about CrossFit CEO’s thoughtless tweet on 06th June 2020. He replied to a tweet about racism with the word “It’s FLOYD-19.”

An old proverb says, “Don’t let your tongue cut your throat.” and that choice of the word literally did that to his business.

It costed the company with Reebok and Adidas ending their 10 years old partnership with CrossFit and forcing him to step down as CEO.
Also, the impact of the tweet costed the company to lose its affiliation with many local CrossFit gyms.

As a supporter of the #blacklivesmatter movement and someone who stand against racism I want to offer free logo design and branding service for all the local gym and trainers that took action for good.

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