Abstract new logo design of Toronto city

city of Toronto new logo

City of Toronto New Logo

I always had this Idea to create a new logo or brand identity of my favorite cities and finally here is my logo design for one of the iconic cities of Canada i.e., Toronto.
This logo design transmits uniqueness and diversity. Just like city of Toronto has its own identity, so as this logo. The bold letter dipped in the iconic red colour reminds us of the red colour aesthetic in the Canadian flag.

The inspiration behind this logo design comes from the multi-cultural, diverse, and cosmopolitan aspect of Toronto city.
51% population of Toronto’s city is born outside of Canada, making it more diverse than any other cities.

The shades of red and blue that are used in this city of Toronto’s new logo design comes from one of the traditional colours of Toronto that are used in the logo design of the Toronto’s major sports team, such as the Toronto Maple Leafs hockey team, Toronto Blue Jays, and Toronto Argonauts football team.
The incorporation of red, blue and bold letters with a unique font size translates the cultural diversity that Toronto city holds in. This logo design has the concept that people from different birth countries, different casts, and different religions share the same city, making this city a multi-cultural city in Canada.


By combining the modern font with iconic red colour, the new logo design of Toronto City takes a departure from the traditional logos of other cities.

A great logo design is the one that does not require any explanation; instead, it says everything about itself.

You can use this logo for your school projects and other educational materials for free.