How to become a graphic designer in 2021

How to become a graphic designer in 2021

Graphic design is a fascinating subject for many people, and there are many ways to learn this subject. In this article, i am writing my ideas and knowledge about how to become a graphic designer.

Participate in a graphic design class

you are in high school, choose an art and painting class. Any class that focuses on the visual arts, including painting, art, and photography, will help you develop your artistic skills and understanding of how art and design work. If your high school does not offer these courses, find a school that offers art courses or summer programs for high school students.If you want to save money, use free online graphic design courses. There are websites, video tutorials, and free online programs that teach you the basics of graphic design and help you learn graphic design yourself. Although these methods are not usually recognized as a specialized class, they have no cost and are very suitable for getting started. Some of the websites that offer free graphic design courses are,,, and

Enroll in a design course with a certificate.

If you prefer to learn graphic design in a regular program or from an instructor in person, it is probably best to choose this option. Visit universities or collages that specialize in graphics and art and enroll in short-term graphic design programs.

If you want to work professionally, get a bachelor’s degree.

Many schools offer 3-year graphic design programs in person and online. Not only does graphic design require your skills, but you also need to have a degree in graphic design, but getting a bachelor’s degree in this field is the right way and helps you to connect with other designers who can help you to find a job in the long run. Graphic design classes typically include studio art courses, design principles, business graphics, web design, and advertising. You will also likely choose several courses focused on computer technology related to graphics. Your program can also include courses in business-related fields such as business and marketing.

Get ready for the basics

Paint every day to build your basic art skills. Spend 30 minutes every day painting the things around you in as much detail as you can. This will help you align your eyes and hands to draw a great design.Your drawings can be as simple as the objects around you or as simple as the scenery you imagine in your mind. The important thing is that you spend every day strengthening your artistic abilities.
If you are a beginner, start by drawing simple things like fruits and objects without further details. Then, over time, draw more complex objects.

Learn about user experience to implement better usable designs.

Read books and articles on graphic design websites that focus on designing applications, websites, and other platforms that can be useful to the user.
User experience is a crucial component of graphic design, so studying how to effectively design objects for the user in mind is just as important and with a simple search you can get very valuable information of user experience .

Study the basic graphic design theory.

These include principles such as alignment, contrast, balance, theories of color and repetition. Having a high understanding of these principles will help you know how to create beautiful designs in any field of graphic design.Using a book in this field or a theory book will be the most effective way to study these principles. However, you can also study each of them independently through various online sources.

Pay attention to know how to write for different audiences.

Practice writing texts for academic audiences (e.g., professionals in a particular academic field), professional readers (e.g., business people or people working in that field), and the general public (e.g., people with Little or no prior knowledge of the subject), using different terms and grammatical structures for each. Because graphic designers create different designs for a wide range of clients, it is essential to know how to write for different audiences.

Although you may think that graphic designers only work with visual tools, design involves creating written materials (for example, a part of a web page), so learning how to write is also vital in graphic design.Avoid using specialized terms or complex sentence structures when writing for a general audience. Use words and phrases that most people understand.

Get comfortable with graphic design software.

Save time with software that designers use to create visuals, audio, and text designs. Many graphic designs are done through this type of software, so it is essential to have practical knowledge of at least 2 or 3 software. One of the most used software used by almost all designers around the world is adobe illustrator.

adobe illustrator

Identify your specialty

Concentrate on typography if you want to specialize in text. Typography revolves around arranging or designing text and thus focuses on ensuring that the words in graphic design convey the right message. This field of graphic design may be better for those who enjoy writing and lettering in their designs. In typography, two of the most critical components are the letter style and fonts. Letter style refers to a specific design, while a font refers to a set of letters that have the same letters, size, and style.

If you want to use more illustration and drawing in your work, study photo compositing, logo design, and digital illustration.

If you want to create websites that are easy to use and responsive, go for web design.

Web design also includes creating a visually pleasing website and designing sites that are easy and intuitive to use. Web design is one of the most popular types of design jobs, so this area will be suitable when you are looking for web design as a career path. And at the end, if you want to go to any field of design like web design, graphic design, User Experience design (UX), User interface design (UI), you should start from basic and learn through experience.