About Me

I am an art enthusiast, freelance graphic designer digital (graphics, 3D modeling) artist, Photographer, branding and online marketing specialist. From the very beginning of my existance, I have been fascinated by Persian Art (Arabic Typography) one of the richest art heritages in the world. My passion started with the mystery of life and how every single particle in the universe is connected.

I consider myself as an entrepreneur and a traveler who started graphic design at very young age and since then I have embarked on an exciting and inspirational journey, working with various companies and individuals like Ritz Carlton, Starwood Hotels



Creative Logo Design Service

I will design your branding (logo, Icon, Mark or Typo) in these easy steps

What I Offer?

From My blog

I am freelance graphic designer in Toronto, Ontario. I have more than 11 years of experience and extensive training. I design corporate branding, logo, labels, brochure, packaging mock-ups, flyers and all types of social media posts. My background includes corporate and freelance graphic design, with a history of leading print, interactive and digital design projects to acclaimed completion. I have worked on nationwide and international marketing, advertising, product launch and image campaigns for global brands and companies, including Fendi, Etisalat and Giorgio Armani

Some of the graphic design services I do

✔ Social Media Design

✔ T-Shirt Design

✔ Website Banners

✔ Real Estate Flyers

✔ Real Estate Cards

✔ Poster Design

✔ Restaurant Menu Design

✔ Stationery Design/h2>

✔ Promotional Item Design

✔ Social Media Posts

✔ Sticker Design

✔ Label Design

✔ Packaging Design

✔ Presentation Design

✔ Flyer Design